"Episode 23: The Question"
"Flying the Coop"

Episode 24: To Grow Up or Not To Grow Up

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In the season finale, Peter Pan makes his decision on leaving Neverland, and Tinker Bell’s mysterious co-conspirator is revealed.

"Episode 23: The Question"
"Flying the Coop"

Extras for this Chapter

Can You Force Love?

There is a guy I really really like, we went out a couple of time, and I enjoy being with him. I think he enjoys being with me. But nothing happened. He told me he was focusing on his work. I really think I am the one for him and he is the one for me.
What can I do to make it happen?
I am so afraid of what could happen if he rejects me and that it breaks our friendship.
Can you help me, Wendy?

If only we could make love happen! Life would be so much easier then. If we could just point a magic wand and yell, “ACCIO LOVE!”

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"Episode 23: The Question"
"Flying the Coop"