"You'll believe in magic again"

- Entertainment Weekly

Here are your exclusive downloads of Peter’s Panels from Season One of “The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy.”  Thank you again for helping support our show – we hope you enjoyed the outcome!

click here for Peter’s Cover/Apology Letter

The Whole Thing

If you download this… you can ignore all other downloads on this page, because they are all in this zip 🙂

here is a .zip of ALL of the downloads incase you just want to get into it!

Just the Artwork

.pdf of the artwork

page one | page two | page three | page four | page five | page twenty-four

The Script

But what happens on pages six through twenty-three?!?!?!?

Find out here in the original script pdf.

Or just read the one page summary here.


We have a few cool extras, too!

+ Character Color Guides: Peter made some color guides for the main characters to help him color the artwork

+ Poster: Here’s the original poster for THE ADVENTURES OF PAN SOLO: THE SHADOW FALLS

+ Peter Pan was interviewed in a Lootcrate magazine way back in May 2014… check it out here